Comprised of brothers Max (vocals), Jake (drums), and Nate Knoth (bass), along with Mitch Garcia (keys), and Andrew Deters (Guitar), The Skinny Limbs bring a bright mix of soothing melodies and energetic rhythms to create a sound inspired by the west coast of Michigan.

After taking 2022 to re-enhance their live presence playing shows and writing new songs, the boys are back with 2023's “Too Little Too Late” and “For So Long!” off of the new EP “Mozart for Martians," the 4th EP from the band. This EP is out everywhere April 12th, 2024, and explores new sonic territory and heartfelt lyrics never before seen or heard from the boys up until this point.

The Limbs: Nate, Jake, Max, Andrew, & Mitch. Photo- Kris Gibbs